An open-source framework for mass spectrometry and TOPP – The OpenMS Proteomics Pipeline


Contributions to OpenMS come from several institutions. Besides the founding groups at FU Berlin and the University of Tübingen, we have many active contributors who add to the OpenMS code base.

OpenMS developers at 2012 retreat in Tübingen


Active Contributors

Eberhard Karls University TübingenApplied Bioinformatics

  • Oliver Kohlbacher – oliverdotkohlbacheratuni-tuebingendotde (project lead)
  • Johannes Junker – junkeratinformatikdotuni-tuebingendotde
  • Erhan Kenar – kenaratinformatikdotuni-tuebingendotde
  • Timo Sachsenberg – sachsenbatinformatikdotuni-tuebingendotde
  • Marc Rurik – rurikatinformatikdotuni-tuebingendotde
  • Mathias Walzer – walzeratinformatikdotuni-tuebingendotde
  • Sven Nahnsen – nahnsenatinformatikdotuni-tuebingendotde

Freie Universität BerlinAlgorithmic Bioinformatics

  • Knut Reinert – knutdotreinertatfu-berlindotde (project lead)
  • Alexandra Zerck – alexandradotzerckatfu-berlindotde
  • Stephan Aiche – stephandotaicheatfu-berlindotde
  • Sandro Andreotti – sandrodotandreottiatfu-berlindotde

ETH ZurichInstitute of Molecular Systems Biology

  • Lars Malmström – larsatimsbdotbioldotethzdotch (project lead)
  • Hendrik Weisser – weisseratimsbdotbioldotethzdotch
  • Hannes Röst – roestatimsbdotbioldotethzdotch
  • George Rosenberger rosenbergeratimsbdotbioldotethzdotch

ETH and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

  • Peter Kunszt – peterdotkunsztatsystemsxdotch
  • Eryk Wolski – wwolskiatethzdotch

MDC BerlinBIMSB Bioinformatics

  • Chris Bielow – chrisdotbielowatmdc-berlindotde

The above list give contact details of the OpenMS core developers only. However, there is also a large number of undergraduate and graduate students, interns and collaborators who contributed to OpenMS in many different ways. Our thanks also go to them and all core developers that have left the project.

Previous Contributors
Eberhard Karls University TübingenApplied Bioinformatics

  • Marc Sturm
  • Nico Pfeifer
  • Andreas Bertsch
  • Lars Nilse

Freie Universität BerlinAlgorithmic Bioinformatics

  • Eva Lange
  • Ole Schulz-Trieglaff
  • Clemens Gröpl

University of the Saarland

  • Rene Hussong
  • Andreas Hildebrandt

University of Manchester

  • Daniel Jameson

University Bielefeld

  • Alexandra Scherbart