An open-source framework for mass spectrometry and TOPP – The OpenMS Proteomics Pipeline

OpenMS 1.11.1 released

Today we have released OpenMS 1.11.1 that fixes a couple of small errors in the OpenMS 1.11 series. OpenMS 1.11.1 is available for download at:

Important note for Mac OS X 10.9 users: Qt, the framework behind OpenMS’ graphical user interface, currently does not support Mac OS X 10.9. While first tests of the released package on Mac OS X 10.9 have shown no errors beside minor font issues, we still cannot guarantee that OpenMS works as expected on Mac OS X 10.9.

Please find below the list of bugs fixed in OpenMS 1.11.1


  • fixed bug that caused TOPPAS to crash when a connection between nodes was added under certain circumstances


  • XMLValidator can now be used on mzML files
  • fixed bug in MSSimulator/EnzymaticDigestion where amino acid “U” was leading to crash
  • fixed some problems with protein modifications in MascotAdapterOnline
  • fixed potential problems of TOPP help screens on small screens / small terminal windows

Build system:

  • fixed issues with CMake 2.8.12
  • fixed potential clang compile errors


  • fixed issues with MIME types in KNIME

Resolved issues:

  • #606 TOPPAS crashes during creation of certain edges.
  • #609 MascotAdapterOnline: Problems with modifications
  • #614 Amino acid “U” leads to crash in MSSimulator/EnzymaticDigestion
  • #629 OpenMS is incompatible with CMake 2.8.12
  • #630 Knime mime.types file should have lower case mime type names
  • #633 ConsoleUtils::breakString triggers uncaught exception if terminal size is too small