An open-source framework for mass spectrometry and TOPP – The OpenMS Proteomics Pipeline

OpenMS Retreat 2012

It”s a pleasure to announce that we plan to have a OpenMS summer development meeting in Tübingen at the date of 17-18th of September.

We invite all OpenMS developers or those who plan to contribute to OpenMS in the near future (Note: Due to the limited time their will be no time for any introductory sessions into OpenMS).  The goal of slots these meeting is to improve OpenMS in joint programming sessions and to plan new features and upcoming releases.


Currently we have no detailed program, but there will lots of discussions regarding OpenMS 2.0 and the planed OpenMS 1.10 release as well as new TOPP tools.

How to reach Tübingen?

Stuttgart airport is close and how to get to Tübingen from there, you can check out here:


We usually recommend Hotel Hospiz ( or Domizil (


If you plan to come, please send an email to walzeratinformatikdotuni-tuebingendotde so we can organise the meeting accordingly.