An open-source framework for mass spectrometry and TOPP – The OpenMS Proteomics Pipeline


Known Issues

A list of known issues in the current OpenMS release can be found here. Older releases may contain other or more bugs.

Reporting Issues

In order to new report bugs, please use either our issue tracker at GitHub or contact us through the general OpenMS mailing list (see below).

Please include the following information into your bug report:

  • the command line (i.e. call) including the TOPP tool and the arguments you used, or the steps you followed in a GUI tool (e.g. TOPPView) e.g.,
  • FeatureFinderCentroided -in myfile.mzML -out myfile.featureXML
  • the output of OpenMS/TOPP (or a screenshot if its a GUI problem)
  • operating system (e.g. ‘Windows XP 32bit’, ‘Win 7 64bit’, ‘Fedora 8 32bit’, ‘MacOS 10.6 64bit’)
  • OpenMS version (e.g. ‘OpenMS 1.6.2′, ‘Revision 63082 from the SVN repository’)
  • OpenMS architecture (’32 bit’ or ’64 bit’)
  • files that we need to reproduce the bug (e.g. TOPP INI files, data files – usually mzML).

General mailing list

For questions, remarks, feedback or bugs etc. please write to the OpenMS general mailing list.

Announcements mailing list

If you want to be informed of new versions of OpenMS, please subscribe to the OpenMS announcements mailing list.

The OpenMS user meeting

The OpenMS developers annually meet with OpenMS users. During the meeting we present the capabilities of OpenMS, discuss your needs and future directions in mass spectrometry and usually concentrate on a certain topic.

Traditionally the schedule of our meetings is very flexible, allowing contributions from the participants and discussions. You can bring your data, an OpenMS wish list and ideas for collaboration projects and also give a talk about a project where available software solutions were unsatisfactory.

More details for the next user meeting can be found in the news.

Download the latest OpenMS in KNIME Tutorial here